Employee performance evaluation & improvement

CoshKee - Motivation

In this post I am going to explore what it is that we are trying to accomplish with CoshKee.

Firstly, I'd like to state that CoshKee is only useful in looking at human-computer interaction and thus is going to be useless for analyzing offline activities.

In my opinion there are three types of workers:

  1. Top performers, who get the most done
  2. Average performers
  3. Underperformers

What can CoshKee do to help you?

  1. You already know who your top performers are, you don't need to track their time. Instead, you can identify their habits and use that information to help the second category move to the top. Some of the characteristics may include:
    • breaking up and concentrating on work for an uninterrupted time block (~52 minutes) then taking a break away from the computer (~15 minutes),
    • not allowing other people, social media, mail, phone to distract them,
    • high typing rate (blind typing),
    • setting aside some time for rest with no work
    • using keyboard / shortcuts instead of using a mouse for frequent tasks
    • spending time learning new techniques
    • being consistent with coming in and leaving the office
    • working with a good physical computer: large screen area (# of pixels), good CPU, RAM, HDD/SSD
    • constantly looking for ways to improve their efficiency
    • they likely know their own value and openly express their concerns
    • age, gender
  2. Discuss ways in which top performers differ from them, provide guidance and feedback on the results
  3. Give them specific feedback about what they do that contributes to their being underperformers

I want to go through ways to